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TAPA Audience Report

The level of engagement in arts and culture is an important part of the success of Toronto and part of what helps make Toronto such a great city to live as well as to visit. TAPA has a vested interest in identifying the key barriers to audience attendance and working together with the membership to find solutions and new ways to attract and retain audiences. Research provides us with the ability to assess emerging cultural practices. And with the current densely competitive marketplace, we need to discover concrete ways to increase engagement in theatre, dance and opera in Toronto.
Amongst our goals with the Audience Report, we hope to discover ways to remove existing barriers (real or perceived) that audiences cite as reasons for not attending cultural activities.

Despite the many challenges facing TAPA Members the research revealed in the AUDIENCE REPORT points to multiple opportunities to grow arts participation.

Awareness and frequency of attendance to theatre, dance and opera is an essential factor. TAPA remains keenly interested in continuing to develop new ways to reach our young people so that the current and future generations can enjoy live performing arts in Toronto. The Executive Summary highlights 5 Key Factors to be considered by TAPA members in building, attracting and sustaining audiences.

Download the TAPA Audience Report

TAPA has been gathering data on behalf of the theatre, dance and opera industries since 2004. The TAPA Stats Reports Phase One, Phase Two and Phase Three; represents six year’s worth of data from 2004-2010. Amongst the findings and financial information from the Stats Reports, we also learned unequivocally that audience attendance in Toronto is in decline. And so as an ASO, TAPA did the responsible thing and turned our focus to the monumental challenge of better understanding our audiences and their behaviour.

TAPA Stats Reports

The TAPA Stats Reports are industry-wide surveys of Toronto’s professional not-for-profit and commercial theatre, dance and opera companies. Administered and analyzed by The Strategic Counsel, the findings of the TAPA Stats Reports provide up-to-date statistical information about the Toronto performing arts industry.

TAPA Stats Report Phase I (2004/05 and 2005/06)

Important key findings from the TAPA Stats Report Phase 1 include:

  • Over 1 million individuals attended a professional theatre, dance or opera event
  • They spent over $169 million on tickets
  • Over 2.5 million single and subscription tickets were sold by TAPA members
  • 22% of audience members come from outside the City of Toronto
  • 2,800 high school groups attended a performance in Toronto

Download the TAPA Stats Report Phase I

TAPA Stats Report Phase II (2006/07 and 2007/08)

Important key findings from the TAPA Stats Report Phase II include:

  • In the 2007/08 season over 2.4 million single and subscription tickets were sold by TAPA members.
  • TAPA members surveyed report a sustained and substantial increase in the number of performances presented since 2004/05. The total number of performances reported for 2007/08 season is 11,916.
  • Torontonians spent over 152 million on tickets at participating TAPA member companies during the 2007/08 season.
  • TAPA member sponsorships increased to over $10.25 million in 2007/08.
  • Students are an important audience for Toronto producers. In 2007/08, nearly 100,000 students attended in-school and theatre performances.

Download the TAPA Stats Report Phase II

TAPA Stats Report Phase III (2008/09 and 2009/10)

The TAPA Stats Report Phase III presents findings from data gathered in an industry-wide survey sent to the TAPA Membership. This report summarizes the data for the periods of 2008/09 and 2009/10. Consistent with Phase I (2004/05 and 2005/06) and Phase II (2006/07 and 2007/08), the TAPA Stats Report Phase III reflects the footprint of the overall theatre, dance and opera industry and its impact on the city of Toronto.

Download the TAPA Stats Report Phase III

Download the TAPA Stats Report Phase III Brochure featuring statistical highlights from the report

The NEW Indie Theatre Producer’s Guide

A guide to producing for new and independent theatre companies. This book is a virtual course in producing. Edited by respected producer, Sandra Lefrançois along with a wealth of theatre industry contributors, this workbook is a must have for anyone getting a show up or anyone wondering what it takes. Contents include fundraising and budgets, contracts, securing space and publicizing your show, resource lists, and much more.

The New Indie Theatre Producers Guide is available at:

Members/Non Members: $25.00

Arts and Media List

A new partnership with STAF – the Small Theatre Administrative Facility – enables TAPA Members to access a comprehensive Media List at no cost. To download your copy login to the Members Only section of

The Doras-30 Years of Theatre Dance and Opera in Toronto

As part of the 30th anniversary Doras TAPA created a special book commemorating three decades of the Doras. Published by TAPA and edited by Angela Rebeiro, Member of the Order of Canada and now-retired head of Playwrights Canada Press for sixteen years, The Doras: 30 Years of Theatre, Dance and Opera in Toronto was distributed free of charge to all guests who attend the Award Show ceremony on Monday June 29th, 2009 at the Winter Garden Theatre. It is now available for sale at TheatreBooks in Toronto.

Contributing their stories to The Doras: 30 Years of Theatre, Dance and Opera in Toronto are several of the biggest names in Toronto’s performing arts scene including Peggy Baker, Daniel Brooks, Rosemary Dunsmore, David Ferry, Ken Gass, Sky Gilbert, Linda Griffiths, Tomson Highway, David Mirvish, Fiona Reid, Richard Rose, Anusree Roy Alison Sealy-Smith and R.H.Thomson to name a few. Charlotte Moore, grand-daughter of Dora Mavor Moore, provides the afterward.

STAGES: A Guide to Toronto’s Theatre Facilities

The newly reformatted STAGES is your source for finding venues across the City of Toronto that fit the criteria for your production or rehearsal, whether it be for theatre, dance or opera. Organized by venue size STAGES includes:

  • Venue Capacity
  • Rental Contact Information
  • Venue Website

If you would like to include a venue in STAGES, update a current listing or order a copy please contact Alexis Da Silva-Powell, Corporate Partnerships and Membership Manager at

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TAPA Membership List

With professional theatre companies, service organizations, suppliers and related companies, this membership list of almost 200 can be divided into TAPA’s Small Theatre, Cross-Cultural and commerical caucuses. Updated monthly.

Non-Members $20.00 | Members: Free!

Please email Alexis at to order your copy